Advanced Healing Solutions

Enhanced patient care with biologic solutions offering additional minimally invasive options.

Common applications

Joint & Tendon Injury

Common injuries treated include tendon tears, degenerative joint disease, sports injuries, plantar facciitis, and pain to shoulders, back and knees.

Augment Surgical Procedures

Surgical specialties that benefit from including regenerative therapy in their surgical procedures include spine surgery, orthopedics sports medicine, podiatry, ophthamology, plastic surgery, and general surgeons.

Wound care

Used in treating chronic, recalcitrant diabetic wounds and post debridement.

Injury and pain Happens

Life doesn’t slow down when we do.  When injuries and pain knock us down, we sometimes need a helping hand.

What is Amniotic Allograft

The amniotic membrane is the inner most layer of the placental membranes.  The fresh amniotic membrane contains bioactive factors such as collagen, cell adhesion molecules, stem cell regulation cells, and growth factors that promote the healing process.

Adipose Stem Cell Treatment for degenerative knee conditions

A groundbreaking clinical trial at Stanford Medical Center uses patients’ own stem cells to regenerate cartilage in their knees. Kiet Do reports. (11/1/17)